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Integrated projects for Retail, Digital out of home and Sport:

The thousands of installations throughout the world and the ten-year experience make us one of the most successful holdings in the design and implementation of integrated solutions for Digital Signage.

Solutions for digital communication in the store

Screens, ledwall surfaces, slides and digital signs are increasingly involved in the most evolved retail format of each commodity category.

Technologies for the digitization of billboards

We design and build customized digital advertising systems with highly bright and reliable LCD or LCD screens.

Sideline systems, big screens, markpoints and software systems.

Specific technologies and expertise for the provision and management of LED banners perimetrals and scoreboards for stadiums and indoor sports facilities.

Remote-user management of transmitted contents

Cloud platform for the creation of schedules, content scheduling and plant monitoring.

Numbers making the difference

We were one of the world’s first companies to believe in Digital Signage, we develop our own technologies and we are the only operator in Europe who performs at the top level in sport, DOOH and the Retail.

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Some of our great Digital Signage projects

We are implementing major projects for top Clients in each of the business areas that we chair.
The experience, expertise and technology we have are constantly evolving thanks to the frequent incentives we receive from the market.

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Some projects

Creation of a digital out of home circuit consisting of two high-definition LED walls and a 75-inch Juice Box outdoor totem.

A series of unconventional digital installations enrich the customer experience with playful, informative and interactive contents.

Design and construction of a range of outdoor totems with integrated charging column managed with the FluidNext platform.

A circular wall visible from hundreds of metres away is released on the iconic Mediaset transmission tower.

More than a thousand square meters of LED screens light up San Siro Stadium and value Milan and Inter’s teams prestigious sponsorships.

Urban Vision digital billboard

Maxi digital billboards are increasingly active of the OOH market and Tecnovision 4.8 ledwalls invade Milan and Rome.

Tecnovision has been a member of Confimprese since 2017