Armani Olimpia Cubo LED basketball sideline indoor perimeter LED banner


Cube Led scoreboard Forum Assago Armani Olimpia Central Hung

A spectacular led cube and a very high quality sideline at the Assago Forum for the Armani Olimpia

The queen of the national basketball championship provides its sponsors with top communication tools and guarantees spectators a unique infotainment in Italy.

Basketball is the indoor sport that most of all needs displays that can provide information on scores and statistics in real time. Furthermore, the numerous intervals represent ideal situations in which to communicate and entertain fans even with interactive formats that involve the use of smartphones.

Solutions and services

Screens and software for showcasing

Armani Olimpia banner led sideline cube ledwall scoreboard scoreboard basketball forum Assago
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Some shots

Objectives achieved

Sports facilities have always aspired to be able to equip themselves with top screens to deliver infotaiment content that can gratify spectators and sponsors.

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