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Innovative formats, synergy between the media and measurability of the campaigns planned in the Carrefour Media stores.

Innovative formats, synergy between the means and measurability of the campaigns planned in the points of sale

The future of large-scale distribution is increasingly linked to innovation and the digitization of sales processes. Carrefour Media was born from the need to create an integrated communication system unique in Italy, with wide territorial coverage and able to intercept targets prepared for purchase through physical and digital assets that can be measured directly in the store.

Carrefour Media video-case

Fluidnext Media promotes Energizer’s Ultimate Lithium Battery through the planning of a media campaign with Digital Signage, Anti-theft at the entrance, Adv floor near the product and Trolleys, within 86 Carrefour Italia stores.

7 September – 25 October 2020

Digital Signage, Stopper and Anti-theft solutions at the entrances promote the blond non-alcoholic drink of Crodino in hypermarkets and markets of the Carrefour Media circuit.

1- 28 December

Fluidnext Media protagonist at the launch of the Chocomel chocolate drink with the creation of the first integrated screen refrigerator, in addition to the Digital Signage, Mobile Proximity, Adv Floor and Stopper solutions near the product, Anti-theft at the entrance, Baskets and Trolleys.

September 14 – October 25

Fluidnext Media digitizes the Sushi Marketkiosks of the Hana Group company within the Carrefour markets, planning an In-Store media campaign with innovative Digital battens.
Anti-theft, Adv Floor and Trolleys guide the user to the corners.

15 July – 15 January 2020

Fluidnext Media joins the launch of the Innocent Drinks smoothie thanks to the planning of a media campaign on Digital Signage and Offline solutions with anti-theft barriers, Adv Floor, Stopper and Trolleys.

14 September – 11 October 2020

Carrefour Media for the launch of Loacker“Duality” bar realizes a customized media campaign with anti-theft barriers equipped with pockets to taste the new novelty; in addition, guided Adv Floor accompany customers.

05-25 October 2020

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