Circular LED wall outdoor LED ring Digital sign Mediaset Tower


Transformation of a sign with backlight fabric into an extraordinary ring LED screen

An important lighting and digital signage project aimed at enhancing an architectural icon that represents the leading broadcaster in Italy.

One of the most iconic LED signs in Italy stands out on the Mediaset transmission tower. An LED ring of over fifteen meters in diameter guarantees great visibility at three hundred and sixty degrees from hundreds of meters away. The possibility of changing creativity and the high brightness of the system enriched by night lighting effects transformed a functional architectural element into a factor of great visibility.

Project managed in full services mode

A great system for a great brand

Circular LED digital sign with video cover
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The context

As part of a branding project that involved the entire headquarters of the main Italian broadcaster, the enhancement of the iconic transmission tower represented the intervention with the greatest impact and media effect.

Objectives achieved

The digital and light redevelopment of Mediaset’s transmission tower represented much more than a simple digital installation.

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