Customized ledwall and LCD screens for integration into displays and furnishings


A perfect continuity between the design of the location and the supports for digital communication

Thanks to the plurality of formats and declinations available, LCD and LED displays have become an integral part of the most advanced successful retail formats. Walls, ceilings and furnishings blend perfectly with digital surfaces creating a perfect mix.

Bespoke LEDWALL banner under Armor digital display

Display shelf with integrated led banner

The integration of screens in the display supports makes it possible to strengthen the storytelling of the products by highlighting their characteristics and key values precisely when the purchasing process is taking place.

LED screen integrated into the entrance wall

The video walls installed at the entrances are an excellent solution to benefit from the visibility of the contents from outside the store and guarantee a suggestive impact to customers when they are about to enter.

From simple backlights to perimeter ledwall screens

The traditional backlit visuals positioned above the perimeter shelves become video wall displays capable of enveloping customers, enriching the customer experience and giving life to a new and powerful trade marketing tool.

Full-height ledwall totem at the back of the cashier

The positioning of LED screens inside prestigious stores, when integration into the wall is not foreseen, requires an intervention on the finishing of the perimeter of the modules that ennobles the aesthetic result. In the specific case of the Fondaco Dei Tedeschi luxury department store in Venice, a full-height steel frame was created, obtaining a minimal and high-tech result.

Ledwall integrated into the Twin Set Digital Signage store wall

Ledwall integrated into the wall visible from the outside

Transforming structural architectural elements into digital signage communication opportunities is an increasingly promoted and appreciated trend by large interior design and architecture studios. The LED screens lend themselves to being integrated between supporting columns and subsequently framed with finishes such as to make them perfectly blended with the context and in harmony with the design.

Band led screen with central maxi screen

Making the store iconic and at the same time having an incredible communicative ability is the result that Dufry achieved with this spectacular installation carried out at the store located in Melbourne airport.

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