Digital LEDwall signs shaped LED maxi screens


LED signs are smart and offer multiple benefits for corporate offices and retail outlets

Thanks to their versatility and excellent cost-benefit ratio, ledwall screens represent the evolution of corporate branding. Billboards on the roofs, backlight bins and box letters are increasingly digital and dynamic. 

Spectacular digital ring sign

One of the most iconic LED signs in Italy stands out on the Mediaset transmission tower. An LED ring of over fifteen meters in diameter guarantees great visibility at three hundred and sixty degrees from hundreds of meters away. The possibility of changing creativity and the high brightness of the system enriched by night lighting effects transformed a functional architectural element into an extraordinary communication support with a great media impact.

Shaped ledwall installed on the facade

The spectacular unconventional screen created and installed on the glass facade of the Europ Assistance headquarters is particularly iconic and can be an inspiration for other companies that have offices located in prestigious buildings with modular glass facades.
The perfect curvature of the shape conveys the idea of the versatility of LEDwall technology when treated with custom projects based on thirty years of know-how.

LEDwall screens integrated in the overhead door

Architectural integration projects such as the one created for the IBM Studios in Piazza Gae Aulenti in Milan (formerly Unicredit Pavillon), are among the most representative in terms of demonstration of the technical-engineering and overall management skills of a challenging project, in which several companies selected and coordinated by a single general contractor are involved and operate synergistically.
The creation of a high-resolution outdoor LED screen to be integrated into a tilting tailgate with an opening radius of 170 ° required the creation of special modules in ultra-light plastic and advanced mechanics and wiring capable of withstanding the typical stresses of the case. of species.

Digital ledwall sign Fineco headquarter Milan building offices

From teaching to private digital out of home posting

Corporate offices whose borders overlook high traffic and pedestrian streets have the opportunity to enhance any poster positions by transforming them into digital screens capable of reconciling branding with product communication that is always updated in real time. The maxi ledwall created for the Fineco Bank headquarters is characterized by the curvature of the modules and the high resolution from which it gives perfect visibility even from close range.

Totem ledwall digital sign Fintech District Milano

Digital sign with ledwall totem on the building side

Building used for smart working or, more generally, hosting a multitude of companies, can greatly benefit from the positioning of supports for digital communication. The LED totems in particular can act both as digital signage and as a garrison of visibility for all the companies present in the building. For the Fintech District of Milan we proceeded to create a customized ledwall system to be integrated into a pre-existing self-supporting totem structure and implemented a large high-resolution screen in the reception.

From a neon dumpster to a digital sign on the roof

The traditional luminous signs on the roof are often ideal positions to be digitized so as to transform themselves into maxi LED walls with great visibility. The investment required to evolve a sign into a led screen is often less significant than one might think, in fact the supporting structure and the electrical system can in most cases be reused in order to reduce significant cost items.

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