Digital showcases, ledwall, videowall and LCD screens


Increase the visibility and attractiveness of stores by means of digital ledwall and LCD windows

Digital showcases allow you to communicate effectively by expressing media potential at best and multiplying the amount of content that can be provided for the promotion of products, services and trade marketing activities.

Tezenis digital ledwall showcase London LED Show Window screen

A top showcase turns into a DOOH facility

The shop windows overlooking streets with high pedestrian and / or traffic flow have a very significant media value that can be best expressed thanks to the total digitization of the exhibition area.
Digital showcases are in effect digital out of home advertising systems that are extremely attractive for self promotion campaigns, trade marketing and often also for third party planning (if compatible with the guidelines of the brand).

Vertical led totem full height

To enhance narrow shop windows or particularly visible display portions, ledwall totems are an excellent solution capable of guaranteeing excellent performance. The custom-made screens can also act as digital wings that can be easily moved according to the type of set-up and scenography to be created.

Scenographic backdrop with ad hoc content

The ledwall screens lend themselves to becoming digital sets behind the physical display of the window. This type of installation also offers the opportunity to create frontal masking of the screen with semi-transparent or reflective materials in order to emphasize the unconventional rendering of the image.

Digital interacts with the display elements

Creating interactions between the images transmitted by the digital scenography and the objects placed frontally gives life to high-impact installations that can be further amplified with the use of right-angled or curved side modules.

Over digital windows banner led digital shock Mondadori Duomo circuit Digital Signage DOOH

Digitization that enhances the overlays

Shops that have double-height windows have a great opportunity to transform them into an extremely effective digital out of home communication vehicle. In the present case, the five upper windows of the Mondadori Store flagship in Milan Piazza Duomo have been transformed into a led screen of over thirty-five square meters in total, made even more particular and captivating by the architectural interruptions represented by the colonnades of the historic building.

Store bottom screen for single display shops

Single-window shops often have an extremely reduced display area from the access doors, which is why the use of screens placed at the end of the store (typically above the cash desk) allows for excellent visibility from the street, increasing the attractiveness and ability to communicate of the point of sale. In order to effectively intercept pedestrian flows, screens are also often installed on the sides of the shop windows in order to face the gaze of passers-by from both directions.

Bancon BPM digital signage customer Tecnovision

LCD totem with display high brightness

The self-supporting totems represent an ideal solution for the digitization of the shop windows of merchandise that typically do not include the display of products, furthermore the rear part can be decorated or customized.

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