Digital Signage Enel X Store interactive touch screen and ledwall installations


The collaboration with Enel X is increasingly intense and the results are "very visible".

From concept design to the realisation and implementation of the digital out of home Juice Boxes through the extraordinary Enel X Store of Corso Francia in Rome.

Enel’s greenest and most innovative soul is increasingly active and committed on multiple fronts, including the construction of the Juice Box charging station network. Part of these, they will be equipped with a large format high brightness LCD display to compose a new digital out of home communication circuit complementary to the existing digitised street furniture To give a concrete overview of the width and quality of its range of solutions and services, Enel X has created the first experiential flagship store located in one of the most urban traffic areas of the capital.

Solutions and services

Digital Signage systems

ledwall facade EnelX store DOOH maxi screens
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The context

Developing a flagship store focussing on creating an emotional customer experienceis a very challenging goal that necessarily passes from the conception and realisation of multiple custom installations both in terms of hardware and human interface applications. Tecnovision, with decades of experience and a team with interdisciplinary skills, specialises in the realisation of complex projects that it is able to realise and manage in end to endmode or simply supporting the customer only in some parts of the project.

Digital installations

Objectives achieved

Thanks to its spectacular flagship, Enel X is now able to represent in a concrete and easily usable way the plurality of services and solutions that characterize its multi-target offer package.