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Digital signage makes the difference and creates value in the points of sale of every Autogrill category and format

An articulated project for the digitalization of communication media aimed at increasing the sell out and enriching the customer experience.

The ambitious digital signage project undertaken by Autogrill involves almost all of its proprietary or licensed formats and brands. It employs multiple solutions, processes and services that make up a full services plan that ranges from design to implementation, management and maintenance of the entire network. In particular, the digitalization of the supports follows the inexorable and tight plan of restyling and openings.

Solutions and services

Multi-format Digital Signage Circuit

The digitization of traditional printed menus positioned at the top of the sales counter ( Menu board ) has become a standard of Autogrill’s digital communication circuit.  Additional supports are introduced tactically according to the specificities of each store.

Autogrill digital menu board
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Types of installations shown in the video

The digital evolution of Autogrill stores

The context

The catering sector in recent years has been the protagonist of a significant process of revolution and evolution, which has led to the birth of numerous new formats and has imposed the stylistic and functional redesign of many traditional stores. Autogrill has been able to face and win the challenge of the leap generation, managing, in the space of a few years, to launch numerous new successful formats and significantly accelerate the restyling process of its historic stores.

Objectives achieved

The digital signage implementation process in Autogrill was characterized by a preliminary phase of experimentation and analysis of the functional and business impact generated by the introduction of digital media of various formats and types.

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