Digital Signage Sephora ledwall and videowall managed remotely


Sephora ledwall indoor indoor screens integrated into the furniture banner digital signage

Digital communication enriches the customer experience and increases the sell out

One of the most innovative retailers globally, it represents a best practice in digital communication with its Ledwall and LCD screens perfectly integrated into the layout. 

Sephora is one of the world leaders in the sector thanks to its extremely innovative and impactful retail format. Sephora designers take great account of digital signage supports and have gained specific know-how on the subject that allows them to contemplate their use in a perfectly integrated way with the furnishings and to achieve a functional and immersive result. The range of solutions used in stores is wide and heterogeneous and above all it is characterized by a tailor-made approach aimed at obtaining the highest quality yield.

Solutions and services

Multi-format Digital Signage Circuit

The digitization of traditional printed menus positioned at the top of the sales counter ( Menu board ) represents the central element of the implementation process of Autogrill’s digital communication circuit; additional supports that are adopted in a tactical way according to the specific needs of each store.

Sephora banner Ledwall back case Sephora Retail Digital Signage
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Types of installations shown in the video

Digital Signage Solutions

The context

The cosmetics and perfumery points of sale sector is highly competitive and constantly evolving, also driven and accelerated by the entry of new players and formats characterized by different brand positioning and reference targets.  In this challenging scenario, the Sephora brand (LVMH group) has been able to impose itself by becoming the reference point for the sector and assuming the role of reference player in the medium and high range.

Objectives achieved

The implementation process of Sephora’s digital signage circuit is in constant progression thanks to the constant commitment of the brand in restyling the stores of previous generations and the opening of new stores.

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