Digital Signage, totems and IKEA special projects


The digital transformation of IKEA stores aims at an enrichment of the customer experience.

An innovative digital signage project aimed at increasing the customer experience and enhancing the communication capacity of exhibition spaces and totems. 

The collaboration with one of the most famous furniture and design brands in the world has allowed us to best express the versatility of our technologies and the ability to develop customised projects and solutions on the basis of conceptual briefs. In addition to the engineering and construction of each plant, we have created the interactive software and the special contents necessary to enhance the yield of each Digital Signage and totem installation.

Solutions and services

Digital installations and Digital Signage circuit

  • San Giuliano special project
  • Collegno special project
  • Digital Signage Ikea Rome
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Special projects - San Giuliano

From the briefs and sketches of IKEA designers we have conceived, designed and realised numerous digital installations that can involve, entertain and inform visitors in an interactive and fun way.

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Special projects - Collegno

From the choice of the most suitable technologies to achieve the design objectives up to the design and implementation of each digital installation including a custom application designed and developed ad hoc.

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Digital Signage - Ledwall, LCD and touch screen

A portal characterised by two large side ledwalls welcomes visitors with a schedule composed of a mix of emotional and informative contents. LCD screens of various formats accompany the user’s path to the point of sale.   

Some installations

Objectives achieved

The approach to digital signage promoted by Ikea can be fully defined as a best practice that tends to highlight the importance of supports for digital communication (ledwalls, totems, LCD displays) in the re-design of the shopping experience, especially when it aims to acquire the infotainment purpose 

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