Dual Screen Lux vertical self-standing totem

Totem Dual screen luxury

A totem with an extremely elegant design characterized by a double steel shell that frames it, enhancing the image transmitted by the two displays with ultra-thin border coupled vertically.

LCD dual screen totem with ultra-thin body edge

Main features

The small thickness of the stem in which the cables are embedded, the limited width and the possibility of equipping the base with ball-bearing castors make this solution extremely versatile.

Parametri tecniciVersione Dual 46″
Luminosità (nit)700
Display2 x Samsung Professional 46″ narrow bezel
Dimensione area visiva (mm.)573 x 2.036
Player (PC industriale)FluidNext Go
StrutturaIn acciaio verniciato, inclusiva di basamento e cover posteriore removibile
Software digital signageLicenza FluidNext a canone mensile
Dimensioni634 (b) x 2.139 (h)

Technical drawing solution

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