Dual screen totem Paul & Shark digital signage for shops and fairs


Totem rental fair set up Digital Signage Paul & Shark Pitti Uomo 2021 LCD screens

The historic brand Paul & Shark proves to strongly believe in digital signage totems and in Phygital

The dual vision totems become the protagonists of the installation proposed by Paul & Shark at Pitti Uomo 2021 to subsequently host the digital fashion shows in the main stores around the world.

The totems of the Dual Vision range equipped with double vertical screens offer fashion brands the excellent opportunity to present their garments worn by models that digitally parade in real size. Paul & Shark has chosen to enhance its flagship stores and shop in shop by integrating the set-up with one or more totems so as to be able to better represent its range of offers through photos and videos of worn. Pitti Uomo 2021 was the ideal opportunity to present the potential of the “digital mannequins” to retailers and buyers. All digital systems are managed remotely by means of the FluidNext software platform so as to allow each point of sale to display updated products and even be able to diversify the contents in the schedule based on the references actually available. This method of using the totems is fully part of the “phygital” category, that is the perfect virtuous interpenetration between the physical display of the product, or the mannequin on which the garments are displayed and the digital presentation in scale one by one of each reference and content. reinforcing and supportive marketing.

Solutions and services

Spectacular display of totems at Pitti Uomo 2021

Totem Digital Signage double screen Pitti Uomo Paul & Shark Fair
Play Video about Totem Digital Signage doppio schermo Fiera Pitti Uomo Paul & Shark

Dual screen digital signage totem solutions

The context

Digital Signage is now rampant when it comes to applications in the fashion field. LCD and LED screens are increasingly the protagonists both inside the points of sale and in the shop windows and on the facades. The very wide range of screens available both in terms of formats and technologies is allowing visual designers to create digital installations capable of making the presentation of products of each category spectacular in an attractive and enhancing way. Just wander through the main shopping streets to immediately realize how digital signage has pervaded the physiognomy of the majority of high-level stores.

Objectives achieved

Paul & Shark, through the use of totems, was able to amplify the communicative capacity of its stores and above all effectively and efficiently manage the corners it has in the network of wholesale stores. Furthermore, having a significant number of double-screen totems at his disposal has allowed him to create a high-impact phygital setting on the occasion of the most important trade fair for the sector.

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