Enhancement of Media asset retail programmatic sales of analogue and digital spaces


Media Circuit Carrefour Videowall DOOH Retail Channel FluidNext

Communication platforms for Retail

Fluidnext Media generates and manages video schedules by measuring points per hour and passages in the points of sale.
Planning, Content, Monitoring, Intelligence, Reporting, Monetization.

Carrefour Media

The largest media network in large-scale distribution

Fluidnext brings communication to Carrefour stores, from the entrance to the shelf with a measurable service in terms of visibility and sell-out.

Integrated media solutions for advertisers

360 ° consulting services for companies that aim to create value and measurability of their physical and digital communication assets.

In Store Radio

Media Carrefour radio in store digital signage advertising programmatic advertising campaigns

Digital Radio circuit in large-scale distribution

The first Digital Radio programmatic circuit is born for the planning, optimization and delivery of advertising content.

The urban furniture revolution

Juice Media is the latest product from Enel X and integrates electric vehicle charging services with video-digital communication.

We help retailers create and enhance media assets

We collaborate with large brands by providing the vertical know-how gained in the construction and marketing of analog and digital media assets with the aim of creating value for retailers and industry.

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Showreel asset media on air

Some integrated projects that best represent some possible activations of our analog and digital assets

Play Video

Some projects

Digitization of menu boards and implementation of screens in the window or near the customer stay area.

A series of unconventional digital installations enrich the customer experience with playful, informative and interactive contents.

Digital banners installed along the perimeter of the store attract and involve customers, making the shopping experience unique.

Tecnovision has been a member of Confimprese since 2017

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