Floating LED cube Darsena maxi ledwall DOOH digital billboard


One of the most successful digital advertising systems in the history of the Italian digital out of home.

Four screens make up a maxi four-sided and floating digital billboard of over 250 square meters of visual area.

An iconic outdoor ledwall system around which communication formats and events have been built that involved sponsors of the highest level and engaged hundreds of thousands of people with emotional and interactive contents. In a major metropolis like Milan, it is practically impossible to find areas in the city center in which to place an advertising system with four display faces.
On the occasion of the Milan Expo, Tecnovision in collaboration with the body responsible for the management and enhancement of the water surfaces of the Navigli area, called Navigli Lombardi; developed the “The Cube Darsena” project, which involved the construction of a large LED cube with a total surface area of over two hundred and fifty square meters.

Solutions and services

Unprecedented spectacular installation

Led cube dock Milan ledwall
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Photo "The Cube Darsena"

The context

The installation in the center of the Darsena was able to guarantee the exceptional opportunity of having three hundred and sixty degrees of visibility in an area of great affluence and prestige such as that of the Milanese canals.

Ideal solution to enhance city water surfaces

For the installation of the LED cube, a floating platform was adopted on which a load-bearing structure capable of supporting approximately twelve thousand kilograms of screens was created. The installation was made in such a way as to be able to possibly allow the platform to be moved by means of a nautical engine.
This operation is an example of how the versatility of maxi LED screens represents a huge opportunity for the media market.

Objectives achieved

The installation of this spectacular unconventional system made it possible to achieve multiple objectives both from the point of view of communication and service to citizens.

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