High brightness totem digital display cases Banco BPM


The Digital Signage circuit enhances the communicative potential of the most prestigious shop windows

An ambitious digitization project involving main Italian branches to create a digital out of home network with national coverage that can become a real proprietary media channel of the Bank. 

Bank branches are often located in historic centers andin streets of primary importance, as a result, shop windows often represent a very important communication opportunity.
Banco BPM, as a leading banking group, has thus chosen to undertake a digitization project based on the positioning of totems equipped with large-format 75-inch high-brightness screens capable of informing and involving passers-by in a dynamic and innovative way.
The network of screens is managed remotely using the cloud based Digital Signage platform called FluidNext Retail and delivers schedules characterized by territorial variation.

Full services project

BancoBPM's DOOH network

Banco BPM totem semi outdoor
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The context

The revolution in the banking sector is imposing the rationalization of the number of branches and the enhancement of the most significant ones. In this scenario, the flagships are often undergoing a technological and functional restyling that often also involves the digital communication component. Thanks to its national coverage, Banco BPM can count on a significant number of points of sale located in areas of great visibility and passage.

Objectives achieved

The creation of the circuit of large-format digital showcases is aimed at enhancing the Bank’s ability to communicate throughout the territory and to promote innovative interaction formats with its customers.

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