IGP Decaux Digital out of home display led screen for airports and subways


JC Decaux South Africa subway ledwall poster ledwall for hostile environments digital billboards

Digital billboards for the Rome and South Africa metros and special systems for the Milanese airports

The global leader in out-of-home communication JC Decaux and its Italian branch IGP Decaux entrust Tecnovision with the creation of specific LED walls and totems for underground tunnels and airports.

When it comes to outdoor communication, the name JC Decaux is universally recognized as the market leader and reference point, both for the extraordinary global coverage of its network and for the great attention to the quality of the systems, both in terms of design and technology. . The Decaux heritage is mainly focused on airport communication, on the subway and in urban furniture. The collaboration with Tecnovision began with the installation of the first ledwall systems in the Milanese airports and thanks to the excellent feedback received from advertisers, typically luxury brands, it continued and was articulated on several fronts.   After Malpensa and Linate airports, IGP Decaux has entrusted Tecnovision with the creation of digital posters for the tunnels of the Rome underground; on this particular occasion it was necessary to create special screens that are able to withstand the challenging mechanical stresses, the very high humidity of the environment and the deposit of ferrous micro debris typical of the context. The custom ledwalls designed and engineered for the Rome metro were considered best practices, which is why JC Decaux chose Tecnovision to replicate the same activity, albeit declined in different formats for the digitization of the main South African underground stops.

Solutions and services

Ledwall systems for digital out of home

Totem ledwall Linate airport IGP Decaux
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The context

The digital out of home rages, which is why all the main operators in the sector are engaged in the development of their own network of digital systems, which, depending on the case, involve the use of LCD screens or LED walls. Tecnovision’s mission in the DOOH market is to accompany dealerships in all phases of the circuit implementation process, providing global support that can be articulated from the choice of technologies to the installation and management of all after-sales activities. with specific methods structured to meet the highest and most demanding market standards.

Some installations

Objectives achieved

The collaboration with JC Decaux was focused on the supply of special customized ledwall systems characterized by the highest quality technical specifications. The LED banner installed outside Linate airport and the digital posters of the subways effectively represent the excellent result achieved.

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