Indoor led screen LED large screen in the hall of corporate customers, Siemens waiting room


Ledwall waiting room hall corporate companies videowall digital sign

Two high definition indoor LED walls welcome customers with spectacular contents powered by FluidNext

The main screen of over thirty square meters of surface and a 4K resolution offers immersive three-dimensional content of great impact.

The work carried out in the Siemens headquarters in Milan represents a best practice in terms of enhancing the experience offered to visitors when they enter the company The quality of the indoor ledwall system is undoubtedly essential to ensure perfect visual rendering, but what makes the difference, in this case more than ever, is the content In fact, every month thematic videos are made making the most of the most advanced computer graphics and 3D animation techniques to create immersive settings that can excite and involve guests. As evident from the photos and videos of the installation, the project required the creation of a custom-made screen capable of integrating perfectly with the furnishings and following the curvature of the walls on both sides.

Solutions and services

Ledwall digital sign

Indoor ledwall 2.5 pitch high definition digital signage digital signage real estate architecture and design
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LED screens integrated into the furnishings

The context

Large companies increasingly opt for the creation of large headquarters capable of guaranteeing maximum comfort for employees and at the same time performing the function of showroom for customers and partners. The characterization of the access areas to the company represents a growing trend that sees ledwall technology as the protagonist. In fact, the large architectural firms are increasingly attentive to the digital signage component as from an accessory it is becoming an integral part of interior design.

Objectives achieved

Siemens has created a real corporate district characterized by great attention to technology and employee welfare. In a project of substance like this, being able to transmit corporate values and excite visitors from the moment they entered the structure represented an extremely important chapter for the success and newsworthiness of the initiative.