Indoor led walls and customized totems at Technogym flagship stores


Design and technology are protagonists in the development of the global network of Technogym flagships

Technogym is one of those Italian excellences that have managed to become world leaders in their sector thanks to the perfect application of the magical combination of technology and design.

For Technogym, the development of its own network of direct or partnership points of sale is a rather new and recent theme, in fact, it coincided with the fortunate choice to focus on the B2C market after having already become world leaders in B2B applications. Technogym has the standing of a luxury brand that clearly manifests itself and has distinguished the stylistic choices adopted for its flagship stores.
The innovative and high tech designthe use of precious materials and coatings and the great attention to every detail, consistently represent the key factors of the winning mentality that has characterized the brand’s path in all its forms. The collaboration between Technogym and Tecnovision is articulated on several fronts, in fact, in addition to the supply of LEDwall and LCD systems, a range of self-supporting totems has been developed to be used in terent contexts in which the display of products or communication in the scope of promotional activities and events. Characterized by exclusive design choices that required the use of materials and the execution of absolutely original processes for the digital signage sector, all the supports made, whether touch screen or not, are managed remotely using the FluidNext digital signage software platform.

Solutions and services

Digital Signage experience

Indoor ledwall led screen integrated into the Technogym Design display wall
Play Video about Ledwall indoor schermo led integrato nella parete display Technogym Design

Digital Signage Solutions

The context

For a company that manufactures fitness equipment, solutions and technologies, developing its own network of single-brand stores is an absolutely original choice that highlights the transversal innovation with which Technogym faces the market. The desire to create a global network of points of sale, that is to say one that foresees at least one presence in all the main capitals of the key markets, makes the choice of entrusting the supply and management of all digital signage components to a historically accustomed operator even more successful. and structured to operate on a global scale such as Tecnovision.

Objectives achieved

Technogym has found in Tecnovision a concrete response to a plurality of needs that can rarely be summarized by a single company. In fact, the collaboration involved technical, design and project management skills that go far beyond the mere supply of hardware.

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