LCD screens and retail led walls


LED screens, LCD displays, self-supporting totems and customized digital dignage solutions to meet every need

A wide range of solutions for digital communication, conceived, designed and built to meet the needs of the big brands and retailers of every product category with which we have been collaborating continuously for decades.

Visible and attractive digital screens and signs

Characterise the front of the stores with high-impact digital installations to make your presence iconic and communicate in an innovative way.

Solutions to enhance shop windows

The total or partial digitization of the showcases offers the opportunity to enhance communicative rendering, spectacularity and effectiveness.

We design and manufacture specific and tailor-made screens to be integrated into walls, display stands and furnishings in a simple and elegant way.

Visual and touch screen design solutions.

A wide assortment of self-supporting systems based on LED technology and ledwall designed to integrate into any type of store.

Digital menus to increase sales

Transformation of traditional printed menus into videowall or ledwall screens to present the menu proposals in an effective and incisive way.

Transparent, curved, triangular, spherical screens ...

Ledwall modules of every type and size configured and engineered to create unconventional design installations.

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