Ledwall digital LED sign in facade Brian & Barry Building 12 Videowall


Unconventional ledwall screen distributed over several windows

Spectacular architectural integration of ledwall screens on the facade and digital signage on all floors

The large ledwall screen of over one hundred square meters made up of the sum of the seventeen digitized windows lights up "The Brian & Barry Building San Babila"

The ownership of Brian & Barry has chosen Tecnovision as the exclusive technological partner for the supply and management of all digital signage solutions. The close collaboration with the designers and the marketing and communication department of the company has made it possible to develop an all-round project that has given rise to an important and spectacular architectural integration intervention on the façade and to the installation of about two hundred professional narrow bezel monitors. for the creation of video walls and totems to be distributed between all twelve floors of the building. The LEDwall and LCD screens installed are managed through the FluidNext Retail cloud platform, by means of which it is possible to monitor the correct functioning of the supports and program the transmission of contents remotely. Thanks to its quality, size and appearance, the unconventional ledwall maxi screen has become one of the most popular digital out of home systems in the panorama of the Milanese DOOH offer and has hosted hundreds of media campaigns of major brands including: BMW, Mercedes, FCA, Microsoft, Interior, LVMH …

Solutions and services

Ledwall digital sign

Outdoor ledwall architectural integration large screen videowall step 10 brian & barry Milan Piazza San Babila DOOH circuit TheMadBox M4 Avip
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Digital installations on air

The context

In the Milan of skyscrapers in constant growth and evolution, retailers continue to invest to propose innovative concepts with an international flair. In this scenario, the twelve-storey building built by Brian & Barry represents one of the most ambitious multi-tenant department store projects developed vertically.

Objectives achieved

The coexistence of multiple retailers and brands within the same building has found in the digitization of the facade the ideal solution to offer visibility to all by breaking down the physical limits of traditional signs. The digital signage systems distributed on all floors inform and encourage customers to visit the entire building.

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