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We support dealerships in the creation and management of LED wall screens and DOOH advertising circuits

We provide technologies and services capable of making the most of any type of advertising system, guaranteeing maximum quality and reliability in the time also thanks to a reactive and efficient consultancy and technical-operational support. 

Maxi ledwall billboards

Temporary advertising screens can be totally or partially transformed into maxi ledwall screens aimed at hosting multi-client schedules or to be dedicated exclusively to a single advertiser, making the performance of the campaigns even more effective and spectacular. For installation on scaffolding we have created a range of special products which are characterized by being extremely light and easy to assemble.

Self-supporting LED systems

The ledwalls to be installed in urban areas and especially at construction sites require self-supporting structures in carpentry that can withstand their weight and allow maintenance. The Tecnovision design department engineers and manufactures all the systems including the support structures.

The billboards on the roofs are ideal positions for the installation of large LED screens, as they already have supporting structures that are easily adaptable to the implementation of the LEDwall modules and a suitable electrical system.
The screens on the roof typically enjoy wide visibility from great distances and consequently have an ideal quality / price ratio due to the need for a low density of LEDs per square meter (variable pitches between 8 and 20 millimeters).

Ledwall for underground tunnels and hostile conditions

There are contexts in which the installation of ledwall screens is made extremely complex by the presence of conditions typically hostile to the functioning of electronic devices in general. The underground tunnels represent an excellent communication opportunity and for this it is necessary to enhance them through the installation of LED systems created specifically to be able to withstand the mechanical stresses related to the continuous passage of trains at a reduced distance from the front surface of the panel and capable of not being influenced by ferrous powders.

Indoor large screens

The screens to be installed on blind walls are designed in such a way as to be able to carry out maintenance activities by intervening on the front of the system. In the case of indoor screens, especially when installed in positions that are visible from close range, high resolution modules are typically used with variable pitches (distance between pixels expressed in millimeters) between 1.9 and 6.0 mm. The system installed for IGP Decaux at Malpensa airport was one of the first cases of digitization of a highly prestigious indoor billboard usually reserved for top fashion brands.

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