Ledwall on Green Pea facade digital billboards DOOH EnelX FluidNext


The first Green Retail Park dedicated to the theme of Respect launches the digital out of home with Tecnovision and FluidNext

Two large-format digital ledwall billboards installed on the façade and six Juice Media outdoor totems by Enel X positioned in the most visible areas in front of the location.

Green Pea is a visionary project conceived and transformed into reality by the Farinetti family, former founder of Eataly, with the ambition of making it a global format in a short time. The manifesto ( shown below in the green box ) of this revolutionary initiative very well conveys the values of the brand, its mission and the extent of what has been achieved. Tecnovision was chosen to become Green Pea’s technological partner for all aspects concerning the construction and management of ledwall systems and outdoor totems. The LED screens and the Juice Media charging columns by Enel X make up a communication circuit aimed preferentially at the brands present in the retail park but also at all the companies that, sharing the founding values of the initiative, wish to preside over an area of significant users both in terms of user volumes and type of target.
Green Pea has also embraced the FluidNext platform as an integrated solution for the management of schedules and the marketing of media spaces both in conventional and programmatic form.

Solutions and services

The "Have Respect and save the Planet" manifesto

Changing the way we consume, putting the search for harmony with the planet at the center of everything: we believe that this is the greatest challenge that awaits us.
To do our part, we have created a place in which to make eco-sustainable and respectful purchases and consumption possible. A place that exists only on land, because only when all our senses are involved, changing behavior becomes simple and beautiful. From duty to beauty: at Green Pea Respect for Nature becomes a pleasure for everyone.

Because Respect is the value on which the future of humanity is played.
Respect for the Earth and Nature, Respect for all people, even for the next generations. And Green Pea is the home of this idea of Respect.

But, why a pea?
because it comes from the Earth
it is a product that needs water, like life on Earth
it is spherical, like the Earth
it is inclined by 23 ° 27 ‘, like the earth’s axis
it is green, as the Earth should be.

The DOOH Green Pea circuit

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Digital system installations gallery

Objectives achieved

Green Pea has established a double record by inaugurating the first led screen authorized by the Municipality of Turin and baptizing the innovative electric charging columns for cars equipped with large-format LCD displays belonging to the Juice Media range of Enel X.

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