Ledwall screens for store facades and digital signs


Bespoke LED displays and digital signs to make the points of sale more visible, attractive and able to communicate

The extreme versatility of ledwall solutions makes their use more and more frequent for architectural integration projects aimed at creating LED signs and spectacular screens capable of enhancing the characteristics of the locations.

LED billboards integrated into the facade cladding

More and more often for the renovation and finishing of the facades of pre-existing buildings the use of modular coatings for exteriors is used, which lend themselves perfectly to the integration of a ledwall screen which, moreover, can be perfectly framed and coplanar .

Seamless corner led screen with sharp edge

The customized LED screens can also include modules with ninety-degree edges, such as to guarantee perfect continuity of the image. In this specific case, the system acts as a reinforcement for the operating signs and was installed in such a way as to ensure maximum visibility from the traffic and pedestrian flow.

Seventeen digitized windows make up the big screen

Transforming a sequence of unnecessarily large and not very functional windows into a distinctive feature of your building capable of characterizing and highlighting it is the result that Brian & Barry achieved for his department store in Piazza San Babila in Milan.

Embossed digital billboard integrated in the store front

When you are lucky enough to have a location located in areas with large pedestrian and road traffic, creating your own digital billboard represents a media opportunity of the highest value in relation to the investment required.

Excelsior Ledwall LED banner

A shaped led banner follows its physiognomy and wraps the facade

Conceived by the internationally renowned designer Jean Nouvel to evoke the ancient splendor of the location previously used as a cinema, the system created for Excelsior Milano is one of the most iconic and representative cases of how a ledwall system can distort the physiognomy and impact of a location coexisting and harmoniously respecting the architecture of the building.

Customized large screen integrated into the glass facade

Buildings with glass facades lend themselves to being enhanced with the installation of ledwall systems of different technologies, including semi-transparent screens such as to maintain a good coefficient of natural lighting of the spaces behind the screen or systems to be installed cantilevered on the facade. .20

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