Ledwall transparent transparent LED screen indoor digital signage Eataly


Two spectacular transparent screens to make the splendid Eataly location in Milan even more iconic

The art of storytelling that has always distinguished the Eataly style takes on even more strength thanks to maxi transparent screens.

The splendid location of Eataly Milano deserved an unconventional digital signage installation that could enhance its characteristics and amplify its communicative potential. The choice of enhancing the glass elevator columns with transparent screens allowed for a spectacular impact with a harmonious and homogeneous style to the shop’s design.

Solutions and services

Double transparent LED screen

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Plant characteristics

Technical parameters Transparent ledwall
Brightness (nit)
Transparent modular ledwall asymmetrical pitch 3.9 / 7.8
Transparency coefficient
Type of modules
Front maintenance
Digital Signage Software

Objectives achieved

The installation of two maxi transparent screens for over twenty square meters of visual surface has made the location even more iconic and the customers’ shopping experience even more emotional.

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