Lusail Arena indoor Stadium sideline scoreboard scoreboard PAB


Central Hung Perimetral Advertising Board Ribbon Scoreboard Lusail Stadium

One of the largest and most modern Sports Arena in the world equipped with over 1,500 square meters of spectacular indoor ledwall systems with Nichia LEDs

The general contractor in charge of the construction of the Lusail Multipurpose Hall in Doha has chosen Tecnovision as a technological partner for the construction of all the numerous and impressive ledwall systems that have the function of making any type of event hosted possible and spectacular.

The great latest generation sports arenas are among the indoor contexts that host the largest number of screens and square meters of LED wall surfaces. In particular, the giant multi-screen systems that are suspended at the center of the structures called Central Hung, engage impressive visual surfaces as they represent the epicenter of fans’ attention and characterize the sports facility, giving it a touch of iconicity.
Tecnovision has created an incredible Central Hung for the Lusail Stadium composed of twelve faces for a total viewing surface of over four hundred square meters distributed between the upper octagon and the lower cube.
In addition to the giant screen, Tecnovision produced and supplied the indoor sideline system, the double ribbon that wraps around the entire stands, the scoreboards and additional displays for the hospitality areas. The multi-disciplinary skills called into question on this particular occasion give a good idea of how Tecnovision is a highly specialized company in the implementation of complex projects and has an accustomed structure capable of managing international projects.

Installations and services included in the project

Some photos of the plants

Aspects that characterize the project

Central Hung 12 faces

400 square meters pitch 6 mm.

With a weight of over thirty thousand kilograms, a width of eleven meters and a height of ten, the maxi system, made with the best LEDs in the world produced by the global leader Nichia, is able to go up and down with an excursion of about forty meters. thanks to a complex motorized lifting system specially engineered to meet the needs of this impressive and challenging project.

Dual ribbon board

640 linear meters pitch 6 mm.

In high-level indoor sports facilities, the perimeter LED bands mounted in correspondence with the tiers of the stands cannot be missing; their function is to contribute in a very important way to the spectacularization of visual immersion effects and to the transmission of advertising content of television relevance. Ribbon boards usually represent elements of extension of the function performed by perimeter advertising boards.
By means of FluidNext, Tecnovision is able to manage all media in perfect synchrony.

Ribbon fascia LED indoor multisport banner ledwall perimetral advertising board Lusail Arena

Objectives achieved

Lusail Arena, together with the stadiums being prepared for the upcoming world championships, represents the pinnacle of the commitment that the Doha government is making with the aim of becoming a world-class excellence in terms of providing state-of-the-art sports facilities for Sports indoor and outdoor.

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