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For years we have been accompanying UrbanVision in the process of digitizing its heritage

Quality and reliability are indispensable prerequisites when providing digital advertising systems aimed at top spenders and to be installed in the main streets and squares of the metropolis.

Urban Vision was one of the first Italian outdoor concessionaires to create and develop the market for temporary maxi billboards connected to building facades redevelopment sites. Over the years it has become the market leader in analogue maxi formats since two thousand and fifteen has undertaken with foresight the path of creating its own circuit of permanent digital systems as well as simultaneously implementing the offer of maxi sheets with the possibility of integrating portions of LED wallscompatibly with specific municipal regulations for each case. The collaboration established and consolidated over the years between Urban Vision and Tecnovision, thanks to the mutually satisfactory results produced, has extended far beyond the conventional supply of LED screens. The digital out of home has progressively gone from being an accessory to becoming an essential and qualifying part of today’s core business and scalability lever for tomorrow. For this reason, the role of the technological partner has assumed a considerable strategic importance, in fact, if the supply of square meters of LED modules can also be offered by simple electronics brokers, when it comes to managing all the complexities typical of the creation process and development of a digital advertising circuit with very unconventional formats, specific skills become indispensable on the subject that only a truly structured company such as Tecnovision is able to guarantee continuously.

Solutions and services

Ledwall systems for digital out of home

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The context

The outdoor advertising market has been the protagonist of a sudden and transversal digital transformation process in every context and format. In recent years it has been further accelerated due to the ideal convergence of several factors, including: lowering the cost of technology, the advent of programmatic buying platforms and increasing openness by the Bodies responsible for issuing the necessary authorizations. Permanent billboards, billboards, street furniture and maxi formats were all affected by an inevitable digitization intervention that continues and will continue inexorably until the achievement of a homogeneous media and territorial coverage focused on the main provincial capitals and the most relevant environments such as: airports, stations, shopping centers, fairs, amusement parks, outlets … so that we can offer satisfactory planning packages for advertisers.

Some installations

Objectives achieved

Urban Vision has become the most innovative and digital specialized dealership in maxi formats as well as having simultaneously built the coolest digital out of home circuit in Italy, characterized by unconventional formats installed in super premium locations.

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