Professional LCD Monitor Digital Signage Digital Signage Display


LCD screens, players and software for all types of applications

A wide range of professional displays of different types and formats capable of satisfying the most disparate design needs for each product and area of installation.

Professional displays

SIZES 32 ", 43", 50 ", 55", 65 ", 75", 82 ", 98"

Screens for Digital Signage applications

Monitors designed to remain on and perfectly visible even in particularly bright environments.


SIZES 46, 55 "

LCD display with ultra thin border

Screens characterized by extremely reduced edges to create almost completely homogeneous modular compositions.

Screens for shop windows

SIZES 55 ", 75"

High brightness sun resistant monitor

Display able to be clearly visible even when the windows are exposed to direct light and to resist ultra violet rays.

Round and square monitors

SIZES 55 ", 75"

Unconventional format LCD screens

The round and square displays allow you to create new Digital Signage settings, resulting particularly effective and incisive.

LCD banner and battens

SIZES 13 ", 24"

Columns with small format screens

Digital signage systems with a compact and original design equipped with multi-touch screen displays and ideal for use as information points.

Touch screen monitor

SIZES 55 "

Single and double-sided indoor

The minimal structure makes the large format screen the protagonist, letting it express its potential to the fullest.