Rental of ledwall screens and totems for events and concerts


Renting of digital signage solutions of all types and formats accompanied by ancillary services

We have a vast assortment of LEDwall modules, LCD screens and totems of different resolutions and formats used for the rental service aimed at outdoor dealerships, event agencies, exhibition fitters and institutions.

Rental of a floating cube ledwall screen for the Darsena event in Milan

Bespoke screens for special projects

In the creation of a great event, the role of the technological partner is increasingly central and decisive for obtaining a satisfactory result. Only a truly structured company is able to adequately support agencies, fitters and dealerships right from the conception and definition phases of the project concept and be able to concretely contribute to creating or adding value. Large events often require the creation of ad hoc maxi systems to meet specific needs.

Screens for maxi billboards on scaffolding

When the facade of a building undergoes renovations, massive scaffolding is installed which makes ideal advertising positions on which to install digital systems. Since these are temporary opportunities and cases that are always different from the point of view of formats and resolutions, the concessionaires specialized in the acquisition and marketing of this type of systems called “maxi digital billboards” usually benefit from the advantages offered by the full services rental of modules. ledwall . Tecnovision has a significant fleet of latest generation technologies intended for the short and medium term renting service.

Unconventional screens for design projects

In large events, attention to the quality of design is increasingly central and is interpenetrated with the use of display technologies of all types and formats. Tecnovision’s design department offers global support to designers which begins with the screening and selection of the most suitable technologies to achieve the conceptualized visual impact; it continues with the technical-mechanical design and construction of each component and ends with the installation perfected in every detail. To provide even more complete and efficient support, thanks to the internal software development and video production departments , we are able to create custom applications and contents capable of making the most of the specificities of the project.

LED modules of various formats for concert sets

The scenographies of the concerts are one of the fields of application in which the led walls have become the undisputed protagonists, to the point of representing a decisive component for the achievement of the maximum spectacularization of the artists who express themselves on stage and the emotional rendering of the event as a whole. .Tecnovision is able to provide organizers of live performances, both the rental and the sale of LED modules including specific control electronics optimized for this area of use .

Plessi Venezia Ledwall facade architectural integration

Display and software for art installations

An ever-increasing number of artists are engaging in “video installations” which involve the use of various display technologies including LED screens, LCD displays and projectors. Collaborating with artists is very fascinating and challenging in fact in almost all cases the projects require a very high level of customization and an obsessive attention to detail.
In addition to its congenital specialization in the design and production of ledwall systems, Tecnovision has a very high level of know-how in the creation of digital installations that adopt LCD displays and projection systems.

Screens for events in challenging climatic contexts

In many events and manifestations, ledwall screens become the epicenter of animation, consequently, to provide the best support to the organizing companies we have a large well-assorted plant park and specifically intended for rental. The short-term renting service can include delivery, installation and on-site supervision.
Tecnovision, through its internal departments dedicated to software development and content production, proposes to partner agencies the implementation of integrated projects developed in synergy from the receipt of the Client’s brief or technical specifications in the event of detailed tenders or expressions of interest.

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