Screens and digital signs for retail facades


More visible points of sale,attractants and able to communicate    

The large ledwall screens installed on the facades to supplement or replace the traditional luminous signs light up the stores, highlighting their presence and giving them an incredible communicative potential.

EnelX Store ledwall totem facade ultra fast charging columns DOOH

Double LED billboard integrated in the store front

The Enel X Store in Rome is a real media with very high potential. The two ultra wide ledwall screens installed on both sides of the façade are digital out of home systems.

Angular ledwall sign with double exposure

A custom-made outdoor led screen characterized by the use of right-angled modules to ensure perfect continuity of the image on two sides.

Unconventional ledwall screen distributed over several windows
Brian & Barry Building Boggi ledwall digital sign facade

Digitized windows make up the screen

Transformation of the sequence of windows on the first floor into a large unconventional ledwall screen of great impact and recognition, ideal for trade and DOOH activities.

The shaped led banner that wraps the facade

Designed by Jean Nouvel, it is an example of how a ledwall can revolutionize the facade of a location by coexisting harmoniously with the architecture of the building.

Ungrateful large screen in the crystal facade

The glass facades lend themselves to being enhanced through the installation of transparent ledwall systems, that is, such as to preserve the natural lighting of the rear environments while ensuring excellent visibility of the image.

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