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The software that simplifies management and increases sales

The innovative cloud platform that allows DOOH dealers to combine traditional commercial and programmatic processes with the delivery, monitoring and analysis of systems and campaigns.

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High Reliability

Systems always on and fully functional thanks to the constant and real-time performance monitoring system.

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Natively conceived to interface with all programmatic buying platforms in addition to the proprietary marketplace.

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Innovative formats

Make the most of the potential of digital advertising with dynamic and interactive formats able to amaze customers and audiences.


Convergence between operational and commercial management

FluidNext DOOH is the platform created specifically to harmonize the management of traditional sales and delivery processes typical of outdoor dealerships with the sales and operating methods that must be introduced to use efficiently and make the most of digital advertising screens.


Tools to enhance plants and make sales processes more efficient

A special tool allows you to combine the creation of effective presentation sheets of the systems with the insertion of the technical parameters necessary for the remote control of the schedule and the tracking of all the activities related to the delivery and analysis of the campaigns. Operators will be able to choose whether to display the prices and availability of systems and circuits or limit themselves to making the set of information that qualify the systems and positions accessible. Even the access itself to the cards can be made public or reserved only for selected and specifically enabled users.


Tool for creating offers and managing reservations

With the aim of making all key processes fluid and homogeneous, we have developed a tool for creating and monitoring planning proposals related to the proprietary CRM and / or connectable to third party services. Basically, the agents will be able to carry out all the activities related to the sale of the campaigns directly from the platform. The Management will thus have access to constantly updated analytical data relating to the status of the pipeline functional to being able to undertake the most suitable and effective strategies. 


Cloud interface for shared booking management

Planning is the fundamental supervision and control tool in which all the data relating to the occupancy status of the systems and circuits converge in correlation to the timeline. The interface has been designed to be extremely usable despite the amount of data it summarizes and capable of providing a detailed overview of sales performance updated in real time . This powerful tool allows the commercial structure to immediately realize where and how it is necessary to intervene with targeted and timely actions to maximize the yield of the unsold basin.


Valuation of plants on the basis of certified metrics

The automation of sales processes has made it even more important to adopt audience detection systems that can be credible by the market and capable of returning a detailed overview of the target. For this reason, FluidNext is perfectly integrated with the most modern and sophisticated audience measurement technologies that operate through algorithms for analyzing video footage acquired in real time by special high-resolution cameras. 


Creativity generated in real time based on external variables

The digital out of home is able to offer FluidNext all the flexibility and potential that web technology is able to guarantee.


Delivery planning and certification analysis tool

Improving the quality of the user or customer experience is one of the issues that push retailers most to invest in Digital Signage technologies. For this reason, FluidNext has been conceived to be natively predisposed to manage interactive touch screen interfaces and even made capable of delivering special contents that involve interaction via the users’ smartphone.


Delivery planning and certification analysis tool

The enhancement and monetization of the visibility that the digital signage circuits of the retail chains are able to offer, represents a topic of great interest for all the brands, especially for those that in their business interact with multiple brands accustomed to investing large sums in media planning on main stream media. FluidNext has specific functions for the creation, marketing and management of advertising campaigns including tools for monitoring the actual delivery and generation of the related reports.


Constant analysis of the functioning

When it comes to digital advertising systems, reliability is the essential prerequisite without which it is not possible to build value. FluidNext, with thousands of screens managed and decades of experience, provides dealerships with extremely tested software equipped with a powerful supervision and analysis tool for plant performance. Operators can know at any time the operating status of the entire circuit, being able to have a detailed report generated in real time and equipped with multiple detailed parameters.

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