Special and unconventional ledwall screens for retail


We create curved, angled, transparent, triangular ledwall displays ... to meet every design need

Increase the visibility and notoriety of locations with unconventional and instagrammable digital signage installations and add a component of originality to the customer experience to increase customer engagement and word of mouth. 

Transparent Eataly transparent ledwall screens

Maxi transparent screens

Transparent LED screens are by definition the most particular and out of the ordinary supports for digital communication. The visual perception that is able to return the viewing images suspended in the void is undoubtedly extremely attractive and spectacular, to the point of offering the opportunity to increase the attention of customers towards the messages transmitted and even confer an element of iconicity to the installation that can become a characteristic and instagrammable feature capable of reinforcing the spontaneous memory of the location.

Special curved screen with digital ceiling

For Ikea Italia we have created a special installation aimed at presenting a bed suspended in the sky and in other scenarios with a great emotional impact. Curved LED modules were created in a special configuration that allowed the bed to be supported in such a way that it was effectively suspended in midair. To complete the installation, a led ceiling was created to offer customers the opportunity to enjoy the stars while testing the mattress.

Dufry LED circular ledwall ring

High resolution ledwall ring

The cylindrical screens are extremely impactful especially when positioned in the center of very large locations in order to guarantee visibility at three hundred and sixty degrees. The circular strip ledwalls lend themselves to delivering synthetic and functional messages in ticker mode.

Net led semi-transparent ledwall screen OVS digital scenography

Scenographic screen made with LED bars

LED bars are a very interesting product when the goal is to create lighting scenes that are perfectly integrated with the architecture of the location and you don’t want to propose a traditional screen. Screens created with LED bars are very effective if you want to communicate with texts, shapes and images with a vintage effect, but clearly they are not able to replace a traditional screen in the delivery of commercials or video content of standard formats.

Kiko digital ceiling ledwall digital signage

Led ceiling with irregular shapes

Digitizing the ceiling offers the opportunity to create an immersive and spectacular effect for customers entering the store. The realization of a ceiling ledwall, especially when characterized by an irregular physiognomy, is extremely complex and requires a significant design effort and synergistic work with the companies in charge of building works and furnishings. The work done for the Kiko flagship in Time Square in New York is one of the most complex installations of its kind.

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