Success stories Digital out of home Ledwall Totem and digital signs

Outdoor ledwall solutions for the digital out home

For decades we have been supporting outdoor operators in the creation of billboards and digital circuits and we have created iconic high-impact LED signs for the head quarters of large companies.


UrbanVision maxi affissione Duomo ledwall outdoor ponteggio affissione temporanea

UrbanVision ledwall maxi affissioni digitali cliente Tecnovision Digital out of home

Outdoor ledwall for maxi billboards and DOOH systems

We provide a package of end-to-end technologies and services to accompany and accelerate the development of UrbanVision’s national digital out of home network.

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EnelX Totem outdoor Green Pea circuito DOOH

Enel X cliente Tecnovision Digital out of home DOOH

Outdoor totems designed and built ad hoc

We support Enel X in the development of its DOOH communication circuit by designing and manufacturing the outdoor totems of the Juice Box range in various formats.

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Portale LED outdoor IGP Decaux Linate Digital out of home DOOH

IGP Decaux cliente Tecnovision digital out of home ledwall affissioni digitali

LEDwall systems for airports and subways

We specialize in the production of high quality custom LED screens suitable for installation in challenging contexts such as underground tunnels.

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Cubo LED Darsena Milano Expo Digital out of home

Logo Mec WPP cliente Tecnovision The Mad Box Tecnovision FluidNext Media

Maxi Cubo Led four-sided digital display

One of the most successful advertising systems in the history of Italian DOOH. Four contiguous screens make up a maxi billboard displayed on four sides of over 250 square meters. of surface.

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Pensiline digitali AVIP totem outdoor LCD 75 pollici Torino Digital out of home DOOH Arredo urbano

Avip pensiline digitali ledwall

Creation and management of digital out of home circuit

The sale of LED advertising maxi screens is accompanied by full service packages including design, installation, maintenance and software.

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Torre Mediaset anello led e illuminotecnica

Mediaset cliente Tecnovision insegna digitale ledwall circolare cliente Tecnovision FluidNext

High brightness circular ring outdoor LED screen

An extraordinary system that stands out for its size and installation method maximizes the iconicity of the Mediaset transmission tower.

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Cartellone LED Defi Viale Certosa pixel pitch 16 mm

Defi concessionaria Digital out of home DOOH ledwall network cliente Tecnovision FluidNext

Maxi digital ledwall billboards on the roof

Traditional signs lend themselves to being transformed into giant LED screens capable of transmitting advertising content visible from hundreds of meters away.

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Insegna digitale Europe Assistance ledwall sagomato

Logo Europ Assistante cliente Tecnovision Ledwall facciata insegna digitale

Unconventional ledwall sign on the facade

High-impact LEDwall screen that highlights the versatility of technology and Tecnovision’s ability to create unique customized systems.

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