Success stories of Tecnovision Retail Digital Signage installations

Serial digital signage projects for large signs

Collaborating with numerous signs operating in the most disparate sectors allows us to stratify our know-how and stimulates us to innovate and expand the range of solutions and services as well as refine operational processes.

Perimeter led banner for Sephora Zurich store on the shelf


Digital menu board, software and content

A digital signage circuit composed of video walls and totems to inform, encourage purchase and promote partners. 

Special projects, ledwalls, totems and software

Installations of great impact to enrich the customer experience and screens of various formats to communicate in a punctual and incisive way along the entire purchase path. 

Digital Signage, software, adaptation and management

Spectacular custom-made ledwall screens are integrated into the furnishings to excite and engage customers.

Digital showcases, software and content

A circuit of totems with 75-inch high-brightness screens to enhance the most prestigious national branches.

Dual screen totem, software and content

Digital models parade in the windows of stores all over the world thanks to the dual screen totems with a minimal and high tech design.

Videowall menu board and digital signage software

Inform Customers in a clear and incisive way with menus proposed through graphic templates that can be updated in real time.

Tailor-made ledwall and totem with an exclusive design

LED screens perfectly integrated into the coverings and furnishings and a range of totems with a minimal and high tech design.

Perimeter ledwall banner and management platform

In the world of sweet and savory, even the eye wants its part! A led tape transmits “tasty” emotional images.

A high quality digital signage makes the latest generation service stations able to communicate in an impactful and effective way, defining a proprietary media circuit of great value.

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