Twickenham Stadium perimeter advertising board maxi screen software FluidNext Sport


Twickenham Stadium English Rugby RFU

Rugby Football Union has chosen Tecnovision's perimeter ledwall banner and Fluidnext software

The high resolution sideline system maximizes the creativity of the prestigious sponsors. The innovative potential of the software allows you to manage all the LED systems (PAB, Ribbon and maxi screen) in perfect synchrony both in scoreboard and infotainment mode.

The innovative FluidNext Sport technology that is revolutionizing the management of communication between brands and spectators in sport has been chosen by the Rugby Football Union, the most important Rugby League in the world. The Made in Italy solution becomes part of the “World Cathedral of the Oval Ball”, Twickenham Stadium in London, providing its innovative services.

Installations and services included in the project

Some photos of the plants

Plants that characterize the project

Twickenham Stadium perimeter advertising board PAB sideline maxiscreen software scoreboard digital signage

Outdoor sideline system

247 linear meters 10 mm pitch.

Tecnovision’s range of outdoor LED perimeter banners can boast a vast number of installations in major stadiums including San Siro in Milan and the Olimpico in Rome. The quality and sharpness of the image is combined with the extreme reliability of the systems designed to maintain performance over time.

FluidNext Sport software

Scoreboard, infotainment and domination modules

Large sports facilities such as Twickenham Stadium have multiple ledwall systems that perform the functions of scoreboard, advertising and infotainment. The FluidNext software platform was developed with the main objective of combining the simplification of the management processes of scheduled and live content with the introduction of numerous innovative features for the management of sponsorships and fan engagement and entertainment formats.
In the temple of English rugby, for example, it is now possible to broadcast content in “domination” mode, ie in perfect synchrony on all screens.

Twickenham Stadium perimeter advertising board PAB sideline maxiscreen software scoreboard digital signage

Objectives achieved

Twickenham Stadium now has an extremely innovative and reliable content and scoreboard management system and a structured and reactive technological partner to meet any implementation and customization need.

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