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This is how we managed to become a top player in the globally recognized Digital Signage market.

In over thirty years of activity we have acquired multidisciplinary skills that we love to share with our customers, through consulting, with the aim of helping them create value through our solutions.


Tecnovision is founded

One of the top four companies in the world to produce four-color ledwall screens immediately begins to export all over the world

Tecnovision immediately began to develop proprietary premium technology produced entirely in Italy at the Buccinasco plant. The brand quickly becomes, also thanks to a high participation in the most prestigious international fairs, a reference point for the sports market and at that time rising digital out of home.

In 2005, it created the largest network of advertising LED screens in Mexico.

With more than two hundred giant screens installed, Tecnovision supports ETC “espectacular televisivos”, one of the main Mexican broadcasters, in the creation of the largest and most pioneering digital outdoor network managed remotely via satellite.

It makes giant screens for stadiums of every discipline all over the world

In stadiums, four-color giant screens become an indispensable element for audience entertainment and for scoreboards digitization In this context of evolution of sports facilities Tecnovision builds hundreds of large facilities. 2004

In 2004 it represented 4.9% of the global market share

The demand for LED screens, although still very expensive, continues to grow and numerous Asian manufacturers begin to enter the market, facilitated by an extremely low labor cost and a wider and cheaper supply chain.


Alessio Abbateianni founded All Technology

All Technology launches a world premiere of an innovative range of showcases and interactive totems and becomes the Italian pioneer of digital signage.

Alessio Abbateianni, at only twenty-three years old, creates All Technology driven by the far-sighted vision about what would have been the development of LCD and LED. The company immediately began to develop proprietary technologies characterized by a great attention to design and mainly aimed at retail and events sectors.

Invention of the first technology able to make shop windows interactive.

In 2004, the first patent was filed for screens capable of recognizing the contact of the user even if installed behind the crystal of a showcase As soon as marketing started, large brands including Chanel, Pirelli, Telecom and Rizzoli joined.

Creation of the first range of indoor and outdoor totems for Digital Signage

Over the years a collection of interactive screens, totems and tables has been created, made unique thanks to important collaborations with designers such as of Giugiaro and top customers from every sector including Coca Cola, Swatch, Diesel, BMW, Yoox, Visa, L ‘ Oreal and many others.

Development of digital advertising circuits in newsstands, bookstores, cinemas and pharmacies

In addition to the design and production of the media, All Technology immediately stood out from competitors by focusing on the creation of digital advertising circuits, the development of custom applications and the production of content that can enhance the systems.

In 2013, the Abbateianni Group acquired Tecnovision to evolve it into the first end-to-end company in Europe.

Tecnovision’s verticality in the construction and management of ledwall systems and its brand awareness and international vocation combined with All Technology technologies and business model have given rise to an unique and exclusive mix.



The new business model is winning in all key sectors

The new Tecnovision course immediately begins to prove successful, indeed in just two years it leads to the achievement of exciting results.

The innovative business and operational model proposed by Tecnovision, supported by a list of technological solutions unparalleled in terms of width of range both in terms of horizontality of application and verticality of competence has allowed us to develop organically in all three key sectors: sport, dooh and retail.

More than 40% of Serie A teams use Tecnovision technologies.

In 2013 Tecnovision launched the revolutionary FluidNext Sport software together with a new high resolution sideline system certified by UEFA; thus managing in just two years to take over the operational management of the matches of 14 Clubs.

It creates the first and largest circuit of urban digital billboards with the TMB brand.

Tecnovision’s role has been decisive in encouraging and accelerating the process of evolution of municipal regulations regarding authorization to install digital advertising systems. In fact, we were the first national DOOH operator with the TMB circuite. In fact we were the first national DOOH operator with the TMB circuit.

The biggest brands choose Tecnovision's quality and reliability.

Traditional illuminated signs installed on large buildings are increasingly being substituted with the installation of custom-made ledwall screens. Companies want the best for their headquarters, which is why we are constantly engaged in important projects.


An increasingly vast and prestigious customer portfolio affirms leadership

The market is growing on all business lines and Tecnovision has proven to be the most equipped operator to seize the opportunity.

We have reached the ideal time to market! The evolution of visualization technologies and the simultaneous maturation of all the main areas of application has made the markets summarized under the titles “Digital Out of Home” and “Digital Signage” ready to leap quality both from the point of view of volumes and quality of installations

New range of outdoor totems and screens for digital street furniture

The concept of smart city is becoming more and more concrete, which is why we have launched a range of outdoor totems with a refined design and equipped with large-format, high-brightness LCD displays.

The launch of temporary maxi ledwall formats and digital billboards.

The opening of the bodies responsible for allowing the installation of ledwall and LCD systems is multiplying the size of the DOOH market in which Tecnovision has always been a protagonist.

Definitive explosion of digital signage in retail with GDO and petrol

Digital Signage in retail has gone from being perceived as a welcome accessory to becoming a strategic and functional support that is sometimes even essential for the achievement of commercial objectives.

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